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Experience the Magic at Oasis Dead Sea Hotel

Prima Oasis, inspired by the desert’s natural and historic attractions, is designed for the adventure traveler looking to explore the magic of the desert.   Prima Oasis prides itself on being the only Dead Sea Hotel that delivers a unique Dead Sea experience by revealing its endless hidden treasures.  The hotel is set within a vibrant atmosphere with stunning views of the Dead Sea and endless programs and excursions to entertain guests and their families.

Experience The Sea

The Dead Sea is the desert’s main attraction that draws millions of people each year to experience both the magic of floating and the water’s tranquil healing powers. The Dead Sea – actually a lake - is about 400 meters/1300 feet below sea level making it the lowest place on Earth. The combination of the regions 21 Dead Sea minerals, climate and air has made it renowned for its ability to heal and renew the body’s skin. Till today, the Dead Sea remains a natural phenomenon that still perplexes many scientists for its exceptionally high concentration of salt - 33%.

Experience The Desert

Beyond the Dead Sea exist endless archeological, historical and natural attractions throughout the Judean desert that will surprise you. If history and archeology is what you want, make your way to the top of the ancient palace fortress, Masada - A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then head to Qumran National Park and discover the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found. For a bit of modern history, stop at Israel’s first Prime Minister, Ben Gurion’s, home at Kibbutz Sde Boker. For nature lovers there is Ein Gedi Nature Reserve filled with endless trails, waterfalls and wildlife; Kibbutz Kalia’s mud beach and date groves, Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve; Dragot Cliff and Mourboat Cave for a stunning panoramic view of the desert.

Experience the Magic

Deluxe Spa, Desert Hiking trips & bike trails, "Kids Club“ , Activities Programs, Action Packed Weekends & activities, Authentic culinary experiences,  beach, and more…
We invite you to enjoy indoor activities and features:

Our Deluxe Moroccan inspired spa offers extensive facilities, diverse treatments and packages allowing your mind, body and soul a true experience of tranquility.
• VIP spa suites with private Jacuzzi for couples massage.
• Large variety of body and facial treatments and massages.
• Wet sauna & dry Finish sauna
• Spacious Jacuzzi and outdoor relaxation patio
• Authentic Turkish hamam
• Indoor heated Dead Sea water pool
• Out-door swimming pool
• Solarium
• Fitness Room
• Deluxe breakfast and dinner buffets
• "Kids Club“ Activities including workshops, sports, wellness activities, games, arts & more
• Indoors & Outdoors on-going or special activities including:
• Activities program- including Yoga, work out sessions, hydro exercise & more
• Action Packed Weekends – including guided hiking trips in the desert, tours & excursions to historical, Archeological sites, theme evenings, Authentic culinary experiences and more (according to a semi yearly program)
• Outdoor Swimming Pool
• Scheduled performances of musical artists and groups
• Close by beach