Local Events in Israel

Events in Jerusalem
Manofim 2018
 Manofim 2018 - October 23-27, 2018

Jerusalem contemporary art festival and the kickoff event of the city's exhibition season

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Piano Festival 2018
 Piano Festival - October 24-27, 2018

The Piano Festival is a special event inviting top artists to showcase their works.

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Oud Festival 2018
 International Oud Festival - November 8-17, 2018

  The event offers unique performances performed by musicians from Israel and abroad!

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Open Restaurants Jerusalem
 Open Restaurants Jerusalem - November 13-17, 2018

  Jerusalem's tasty and eclectic culinary festival, Open Restaurants, is returning for four days of yummy treats, tours and eats.
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Jerusalem Jazz Festival
 Jerusalem Jazz Festival - Dec. 12-14, 2018

 Jusalem is home to a thriving jazz scene of accomplished musicians and avid fans both locally and internationally.
 This year’s second annual Jazz Festival features some of the biggest musical talent in Israel.
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Events in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Night Run
 Night Run Tel Aviv - November 13, 2018

A unique 10k m race which is run at night through the streets of the "White City."
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Tel Aviv Marathon 2019
 Marathon Tel Aviv- February 22, 2019

One of the most greatest marathons has returned to Tel-Aviv!
We welcome you to participate and test yourself to the limit in a variety of courses alongside many other runners!
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Events in Tiberias
Sovev Kinneret
 Sovev Kinneret - November 3, 2018 

A bike race around the beautiful Sea of Galilee ( Kineret). A full day of biking with routes for the whole family. .
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Tiberias Marathon 2019
 Tiberias Marathon 2019 - January 4, 2019

The Tiberias municipality and the Israel Marathon Association are happy to invite you to participate in the 40th Sea of galilee – Tiberias International Winner Marathon!.
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Events in Eilat
Eilat Desert Marathon
 Eilat Desert Marathon - November 30, 2018 

The hottest marathon of the year is underway! Come and experience our desert through your feet! Join many participants and connect to the desert landscape.
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Israman Eilat 2019
 Israman Eilat - January 25, 2019

  The greatest triathlon is coming back to Eilat!
  Test yourself to the limit and prove to everyone that you have what it takes!
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The Red Sea Swim Cup
 The Red Sea Swim Cup - January 26, 2019

  The  Red Sea Swim Cup is underway! Join the masses participating in a unique contest that combines sport and stunning surroundings of Eilat. 

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Events in the Dead Sea
Desert Challenge
 Desert Challenge - December 21, 2018 

  The Desert Challenge Festival, The largest and longest-running outdoor sport festival in Israel, is coming your way. 

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