Cancellation Policy

Reservation cancellation/change:

How to change or cancel reservations made on the Prima Website:

Changes and updates to reservations cannot be made directly through the website. If a customer makes a reservation and wants to make a change or update his/her reservation, he/she can do so either by e-mail [email protected] or
by phone: +972-3-552-2220 (within Israel *9995).

A customer who has placed an order through Prima Hotels official site  - can cancel his/her reservation via "My Reservations" category that appears on the bottom static menu. In order for the customer to log into his/her account, they will need to enter his/her username (email address) and a verification code will be sent to his/her email. Reservation Cancellation is subject to the cancellation policy defined in the regulations. Changes to an existing reservation cannot be made directly on the website. A customer who has placed a reservation and wishes to make a change(s), will do so by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: +972-3-552-2220.

How to Cancel a Reservation:

A reservation made on the website may be cancelled by sending a "cancellation request"
"Cancelation Request"- a request to cancel the reservation which includes the customer's name, identification number, or, if the reservation was made orally, the additional identifying detail agreed upon when making the reservation.

The "cancellation request" can be sent in any of the following ways:
a. Verbally by telephone, number +972-3-552-2220, *9995 (within Israel) or by means of a verbal notice at the place of business, at Prima Hotels Main Office, 65 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv. 
b. By mail to the address: Prima Hotels Administrative Office, 65 Yigal Alon., Tel Aviv;
c. By e-mail: [email protected]
d. Via website:  or
*For further questions/inquires/requests, please send a message through the category Contact Us on the website, or by calling the Prima Call center at +972-3-552-2220 or *9995 (within Israel).