Mountain to Valley Relay Race - Prima Hotel

Date: May 7, 2020

Prima Galil Hotel in Tiberias invites you to stay with us for the one of a kind, relay event, the first of its kind in Israel returning for the 10th annual year- the Moutain to Valley (M2V) Relay Race kicking off May 7th.
The race route is about 215 km that is run in heats by individual groups made up of  4, 6 or 8 runners team (men, women or mixed), running day and night from Northern Israel to the Yizrael Valley with views of great historical importance to the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Muslims

Most of the route is composed of off-road, country trails with some sections including paved roads. Competitive teams will need to maintain the order of the runners each taking his or her turn to run the segment and then resting until all the team members have run in their order. All in all, each runner will run 3, 4, or 6 segments depending upon the number of runners on the team. Close to 10,000 people from both Israel and around the world are expected to participate in the Mountain to Vally Relay Race 2020
We wish you luck in both the race and training! All that is left to do is reserve a room with us near the starting line, and get ready to run -- relay style

The Hotel offers guest participants on as half-board basis a high-carb meal option (pasta, rice, potatoes) along with a takeaway breakfast for early risers before the event. 
*With advanced arrangement with the Hotel.