Oasis Spa Club Hotel-Seminars & Events

Oasis Spa Club Dead Sea specializes in hosting a variety events.
The Hotel hosts groups of retirees, business conferences attendees, and tourist groups.
You can host events in many styles serving dinner, buffet, theater or cocktail events and
workshops with content and more.
Additionally, keep your eye on the Prima Website for events Oasis Spa Club throws for its guests

The Oasis Spa Club Dead Sea Hotel specializes in hosting celebratoryevents including Shabbat Hatans, Bar and Bat Mitzvahsand Sheva Brachots.
The Hotel is Kosher under the supervision of the Jordan Valley Rabbinate.
The Hotel offers four different events halls in various sizes that may be designed to meet your specific needs. Meals are served in either buffet or cocktail style.
Additional accessories:
Flip chart (free of charge)
Overhead, portable projector (additional charge)
Sound system (additional charge)
Technical aids such as cables and adaptors (free of charge)

For additional information, questions and event ideas contact:

Incoming Tourism (minimum reservation of 10 rooms):
Ksenia Gil
Tel 972-3-5212508
Mail: [email protected]

Events Department (without accommodation):
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 972-8-6688099 

The Hotel’s synagogue can accommodate up to 100 worshipers

Venue Size in square meters Cocktail Theater U Classroom
Yael 100 100 150 40 80
Ella 70 50 80 30 50
Dekel 50 60 60 30 40
Tamar 50 60 60 30 40
Dekel-Tamar 96 100 100 50 80