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Experience Tel Aviv’s Distinct Urban Energy

No matter how bold your expectations are, Tel Aviv’s distinct urban energy will surprise you. As Israel’s international metropolis and booming commercial and cultural capital, Tel Aviv hosts a perfect blend of sun and fun with urban charm, innovation and historical intrigue. There is no city in the world that brings together such dichotomies with the fluidity that Tel Aviv has achieved. Tel Aviv is simply the Middle East’s most cutting-edge city.

Experience the Tel Aviv – Jaffa Contrast

Today, Tel Aviv comprises two cities – ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv – and is officially known as Tel Aviv – Jaffa. Even though Tel Aviv was founded over 100 years ago and Jaffa more than 7500 years ago, the two contrasting cities complement one another in a way that makes Tel Aviv special. In Jaffa you will be transported to an ancient Middle East port city with stone walls and ever-winding streets that are now home to many small galleries, an antique flea market, a 24-hour nightlife, cafes, art galleries and boutiques. Journey into central Tel Aviv to discover the modern “White City” with its world renowned collection of Bauhaus and International Style architecture, skyscrapers, wide-open pedestrian walkways, financial center, endless cafes and bars, galleries, theaters, museums, malls and shopping districts.

Experience the Beach

Your vacation is not complete without experiencing Tel Aviv’s 14 kilometer-stretch of white sandy beachfront. Tel Aviv is aligned along its west coast with over 13 beaches, some of which have received international recognition as the best beaches in the world. Tel Aviv beach life is alive and in motion all year round. You will always find bathers strutting along the shoreline, joggers, runners and bikers getting their daily exercise, kids playing in the sand or jumping waves, backgammon players, teenagers playing music and dancing and the endless beach paddleball players intently smacking their rackets. By the way, beach paddleball, known locally as Matkot, is sometimes called the unofficial national sport of Israel. There is a beach for everyone in Tel Aviv – locals, tourists, surfers, dog lovers, religious observers and the gay community. The boardwalk’s bike paths make for an easy way to get around and enjoy the diversity of the city from Old Jaffa Port in the south to the Tel Aviv Harbor on the north side of the city. If you love water sports, then you will never want to leave Tel Aviv’s beaches -home to surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing and beach volleyball.

Tel Aviv’s Best of the Best

In 2003, Tel Aviv was named by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site and designated “The White City” for hosting the largest collection of Bauhaus and International Style architecture. To follow, Conde Nast Traveler magazine listed Tel Aviv as one of 14 cities around the world every architecture lover must visit. LGBT travel website, in 2011 named Tel Aviv the best gay city. Tel Aviv was also recently voted “One of the Top 10 City Beaches in the World” by a survey on Yahoo Travel and

Explore the LGBT culture in Tel Aviv!

Israel is considered one of the world’s most socially progressive and tolerant countries for sexual equality and alternative lifestyles, and Tel Aviv is the center of its LGBT culture. This fast-paced, bustling city celebrates more than 30 years of institutionalized PRIDE activities, which include community organization events with hundreds of participants, social activities and support services for the community .

Moreover, Tel Aviv is considered one of the top LGBT travel destinations, benefiting from a year-round, lively cultural scene, complete with bustling cafes, stylish shopping sophisticated restaurants, beautiful beaches and an unparalleled nightlife.

The Tel Aviv LGBT community is extremely welcoming and active- with more than four bars open 7 days a week and more than 12 parties specified for all types! Tel Aviv is considered the city with the #1 gay scene in the entire Mediterranean area. See these stories about LGBT culture in Tel Aviv: Investigation: Israel at 60 - "As the Jewish state celebrates its diamond anniversary, its progressive policies continue to shine like a gay jewel in the Middle Eastern rough." (By David Kaufman)

Live and let live in Tel Aviv - By Clarck Turner The Destination of the Summer: Israel- By Alex & Steph

Prima Tel Aviv Hotel & City Hotel are proud to be a Gay-friendly accommodation and a full listing of LGBT information is available at the front desk.

Experience the Vibe

Among many other activities provided by our Hotel, guests can enjoy delicious Israeli Breakfasts, complementary bicycles, an intimate ambiance in our Hotel's Lobby Lounge, and a flowery terrace facing the quiet street to relish the warm Israeli air. No to mention a 2 minute walk from the beach!... We invite you to enjoy indoor activities and features:
  • Israeli Breakfast - enjoy a delicious Israeli breakfast
  • Intimate ambiance in our Lobby Lounge - serving drinks and light meals
  • Enjoy sitting ON our flowery terrace facing the quiet street

  • * Activities and features are subject to changes.