Prima Tel Aviv Hotel-Prima Gallery for Local Art

The Prima Gallery for local art, located on our lobby floor, is an in-house curated art gallery presenting rotating exhibitions of contemporary local art.
‘Sea Beyond’ by the artist Michal Bar-Or invites us to dive into the depths of the seas, to float, evolve and get carried away like the drift that reaches the shore, straight into her arms and imagination to become a spectacular, creative and one of a kind work of art.
Michal divides her time between her two homes; the one in Haifa, Israel and the other located on one of the less touristy islands of Greece. She collects driftwood from both the Haifa and Greek shores and uses them for her creations. 
Michal does carpentry work and designs from tables through to racks and draws paintings of different sizes on natural wood panels in both her studios in Beit Oren and in Greece. Each of her creations is one of a kind. Bar-Or is self-taught in drawing, color and composition and has achieved very impressive achievements.
In the exhibition ‘Sea Beyond’ Michal Bar-Or presents a collection of her works that reflect her great love and connection to nature and especially to the sea. Most of her works are made from recycled materials such as driftwood, unique stones, parts of boats that drifted from the sea, that go through a process of drying, cleaning and sanding until becoming an original and spectacular work of art.
Among Michal’s works you can find ancient metal tools that she collects from flea markets in Israel and around the world.
Michal Bar-Or’s works are displayed in a gallery located in an old and unique Arab building, from 1928, which was renovated from the ground up, overlooking the Haifa bay, at 4 Hashomer St. in Wadi Salib in Haifa.
All displayed works are for sale.
Exhibition starts: September 10th, 2023   |   Exhibition ends: December 31st, 2023
For more information, please contact the artist Michal Bar-Or:
[email protected] | 972-54-9103440 | מיכל בר אור Wood Art |
Curator: Shirley Pavell-Gilboa
Prima Gallery for local art | Hotel Prima Tel Aviv, 105 Hayarkon St. Tel Aviv
Open daily between: 9:00 am-10:00 pm.
Free entrance