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The current exhibition - "Life Is not Beautiful" by photographer Nitzan Assaf, brings together some of Nitzan's best street photography in Tel Aviv and its surroundings.
In his own unique style, Nitzan strives to connect two opposing worlds, thereby surprising and creating new meanings for the viewer.

Nitzan describes how he captured the moment in "Payphone":
"I was walking down a street in Bnei Brak when suddenly I noticed a girl dressed up as a payphone coming out of a building. I looked around and noticed a payphone at the end of the street. The girl was walking towards it. I began to follow her.
Running in the direction of the payphone, I realized I had to change to a wider lens. I ran very fast, frantically changing the lens, and a second later, the “decisive moment” arrived. The girl passed by and gave me a surprised look. After I caught the shot, I felt exhilarated. I felt that this was the very essence of street photography."
Nitzan Assaf is an Israeli photographer who works as a freelancer for high-tech and tourism companies. He has served as Chief Photographer of TripAdvisor in Israel. His photographs have been exhibited in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Berlin. He has won two photography competitions at the Institute François de Jerusalem Romain Gary, in the presence of the French Consul in Israel.
Exhibition ends :April 1st, 2019
All displayed works are for sale.

For more information, please contact Nitzan Assaft: or + 972 54 22 00 639    (locally:  050 22 00 639)
Prima Gallery for local art, Hotel Prima Tel Aviv, 105 Hayarkon St. Tel Aviv
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