Suzanne Dellal

It is our pleasure to welcome you to attend The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater’s International Exposure Festival, 2018: The collection of productions is spectacular and the Center helps brings to the stage the experience of social and cultural existence in Israel. The Center is a 10-minute drive from Prima Tel Aviv as part of an urban vacation experience Tel Aviv and value-added chain Hotel guests are able to check for reduced prices for performances.

Tango in the Shadows 

What happens when a naive and deeply human attraction defeats thought? When every part of who we are is, suddenly, marvelously and dangerously part of a whole? Is there a possible way to achieve this desire without transforming ourselves? Is there a way to transform ourselves without dying a little? Tango in the Shadows summons an experience of absolute communion with the music. Power, desire, selfishness and possession, and the impulse to love until death assault the stage. Tango in the Shadows asks the viewer: How is it possible that what gives us pleasure also causes us pain? The extraordinary virtue and nostalgia of the tango moves us between the light and the dark. Marcos Ayala (director, choreographer and performer) and his partner Paola Camacho with 10 dancers succeed in embodying antagonistic beings, opposing worlds, the primordial universe of those who collide, surrendering themselves to the edge of their limitations.

The show will take place in the Suzanne Dellal Center on:
Sunday, April 1 at 17:00 
Sunday, April 1 at 21:00
Monday, April 2 at 17:00
Monday, April 2 at 21:00
Tuesday, April 3 at 17:00
Tuesday, April 3 at 21:00
Wednesday, April 4 at 17:00
Wednesday, April 4 at 21:00
Thursday, April 5 at 14:00

Special guests of Prima - 1+1
To order the tickets, call the phone 03-5105656  code Benefit:  5050