Wellness+ program at Hotel Spa Club Dead Sea. 

Focusing on wellness of all kinds, our program is designed to provide guests a relaxing, soothing holiday incorporating experiences of the body and mind -- for a vacation with substance and added value.
While enjoying a rejuvenating spa-hotel experience in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Dead Sea, our guests can now join in a wide variety of activities and workshops designed as a spa for the mind.  Our monthly program rotates between subjects like ambience, love, nature, design, art, body & soul.  Each weekend we explore specific topics within those subjects, like Wellness, Nutrition, Self-awareness, Photography, Intimacy, and Interior Design.
We’ve brought on board lecturers, instructors, and experts in their fields to provide our guests content of interest, practical tools and tips, and inspiration...all of which will last long after the vacation ends!
Wellness+ at Hotel Spa Club Dead Sea -- every weekend a new experience. 


Connect with the artist within
Embark on a spa vacation and connect to the art and artist within.
Transcend your physical ‘frame’ and let your creativity and imagination run free.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details to follow...

November 7-9    November 14-16    November 21-23   November 28-30
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Taste and Color

A feast for the senses
Enjoy a vacation full of flavors, colors, cultures and aromas – celebrate life with taste and color.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details to follow...


Body and Soul

Connect body and mind in front of the tranquil turquoise sea.
Learn useful tools to improve health, quality of life, and the spirit – tools that you can take home and use again and again.
Float in a saltwater pool, transform yourself with laughter, take a deep breath and let our bodies, together with our spirit, lead us to a ‘peace of mind’.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details 



Vacation for lovers
A romantic, intimate and luxurious getaway. Participate in inspiring workshops intended to strengthen your intimacy as a couple.
Enjoy the vacation with laughter yoga, couples spa treatments, lectures and hands-on activities to make your LOVE shine.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details to follow...



Vacation of celebrations, hikes and luxurious treats.
Enjoy the beauty, taste and wisdom of nature during magical getaways designed to connect body and soul, earth and water.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details to follow...

decorative stones


A month of design experiences
Every weekend, discover a different aspect of the world of design.
Receive tips and tricks for shaping your environment and intimate spaces through your own personal design aesthetic.
Every weekend is a new experience. More details to follow...