Restart Package - Hotel Spa Club Dead Sea


December 28-30, 2017

A vacation to jumpstart a healthier and more balanced lifestyle
During a relaxing vacation we take a step towards long-term changes in the way we eat, think and view our surroundings, as well as, highlighting a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and positive thinking.
Hotel Spa Club Dead Sea, in cooperation with Anat Inbar, nutritionist and lifestyle coach, and Rachel Yani, natural medicine teacher and artist, offer an ideal opportunity to ‘reboot’ and direct yourself towards a healthier and more pleasant lifestyle.
2:00-3:00pm: Check-in at Hotel
5:00-5:15pm: Introductory meeting and refreshments with Anat Inbar and manager of the Hotel Spa Club Dead Sea
5:15-6:30pm: Stay Fit- Eat the Foods You Like| Lecture on nutrition by Anat Inbar
7:00-8:00pm: Tasty and nutritious dinner*
8:30pm: Night of ‘Moroccan Baths’ | In the tranquility of the spa, enjoy tastes of massages, peeling treatments and Watsu(Shiatzu practice in our Dead Sea-water, indoor pool) with drinks and live music.
7:00am: Sun Salutations | greet the miracle of a new day with a sunrise walk along the shores of the Dead Sea Rachel Yani and Leon Rom
8:00-9:30am: Healthy and nourishing breakfast*
11:00-12:00pm: Floating Yoga| Find your balance point while floating in salt water, improving balance, stability and coordination.
4:00-5:00pm: Befriend and Address Your Stress| lecture by Anat Inbar
5:00-6:00pm: Question and Wishes Circle| by Anat Inbar
6:30-8:30pm: Tasty and satisfying dinner*
9:00-11:00pm: Musical concert

7:00-8:00am: Walking tour to Nahalt Bokek (Bokek River) | Explore the river, with water that flows all year round, and the surrounding vegetation and intriguing archeological remains along the route and the geography of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea and the Bokek River- accompanied by a qualified guide. Changes may occur depending on the weather.
8:00-9:30am: Healthy and rich breakfast*
10:00-11:00am: Tai-Chai by the Water| Practice the Chinese exercise to connect and harness the chi (energy) within; find balance and peace of mind.
12:00-1:00pm: Lecture 'To be Immune, Strong and Smiling' | Anat Inbar
1:00-1:30pm: Prepare to return to a more healthy routine and have a great Re-start of the New Year!
* Meal is in accordance with the meal-plan reserved (if you would like to add this meal, please speak to our reception desk)
 ** Program is subject to change
Anat Inbar| Lecturer and facilitator of clients looking for a way to get  back on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Creator of the  'תודעה מזינה' ( Nutritional Consciousness) method.