Psychodrama - Weekend Dead Sea

Feb. 15-17  

Enjoy a weekend filled with dramatic moments, intriguing characters
and life stories while exploring the wonders of psychodrama in theater 

6:00-8:30 pmA Delicious Dinner
8.30 pmSPArty| Enjoy our Spa Party offering refreshing cocktails, sweets, a guided Watsu experience (In water Shiatsu) and a taste of massages 
9.00 pmEntertainment 
8:00-12:00amIsraeli Breakfast
10:00 amMeridian Stretchingexercises with a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness
12:30 pmHydro – Pilates- a unique experience allowing your body to exercise while resisting the floating effects of a salt-water pool.
16:00 pmYoga Practice to enhanceinner peace, tranquility and body awareness
17:00 pm| Playback Theatre– Theater workshop based on personal stories and improvisation where we will use simple techniques to create a safe place for personal expression and humor. Come prepared only with your memories and the ability to go with the flow – Hosted by Orly Dado Lavi* (in Hebrew)
9:00 pmLive musical performance
8:00-12:00amIsraeli Breakfast
10:00 amPilates Practice to improve your strength, flexibility and balance
11:00 pmPerception of the Future– Experience on-stage sharpens our desires, aspirations and wishes for ourselves and others. 
Gain valuable tools to encourage expression, spontaneity and creativity through psychodrama techniques for living in the present and rolling with life’s punches- hosted by Orly Dado Lavi* (in Hebrew)
12:00 noonLaughter Workshop- free your mind, loosen up and laugh out loud
2:00 pmPositive Thinkingeach of us has the opportunity to choose the colors that will direct our outlook of life and lead us to joy, optimism and love. Workshop for your inner-self (in Hebrew)
*Orly Dado Lavi -actress and playwright graduate of the Nissan Nativ. Psychodrama therapist, MA in Educational Counseling, BA in psychology.