An Intimate Vacation - Dead Sea Weekend Vacation

Wellness+ August 2019

An Intimate Vacation

During a holiday of relaxation and pampering, enjoy a romantic vacation,
at your own pace: linger in bed, head to the spa, and take part in a variety of workshops and activities. 

4:30 | A festive welcoming with Champagne and finger foods
6:00-8:30 pm | Dinner
8:30 pm | SPArty! - Spa Party | enjoy a short taste of massages, a refreshing cocktail and sweets
9:00 pm | Musical performance
8:00-12:00 pm | Israeli Breakfast
12:00 noon | Shape your body | stretch and flex your curves and give your body the attention it deserves
2:00 pm | Salt-Water Yoga | find your balance, improve your stability and coordination, while exercising Yoga in a salt-water pool
3:30 pm | Hydro – Pilates | in water Pilates experience, challenging your body to exercise, while resisting the floating effects of a salt-water pool
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Dinner
9:00 pm | Musical performance 

8:00-12:00 pm | Israeli Breakfast
2:00 pm | Yogilates | to enhance inner peace, tranquility and body awareness

- Activities and content are subject to change