Achieving Inner Peace

October 12-14

Between the cliffs and the turquoise waters of the Dead Sea, 

a vacation awaits you full of pampering for the body and soul 

with an appreciation and view of the magical desert landscapes.

6:00-8:30 pm | A Delicious Dinner
8.00 pm | SPArty | Enjoy our Spa Party offering refreshing cocktails, sweets, 
9.00 pm | Entertainment
8:00-12:00 am |  Israeli Breakfast
9:30 aTour of Yatir Forest bordering on the Tel Arad-desert over the Arad rift. Located at the site called Havorat Anim
an underground community of the times of the Mishnah and Talmud, where an ancient synagogue and an agricultural installations hint at an ancient society.
We then move to Tel Arad in Arad. At the top of the mound where we wander through Israeli fortress ruins of the Temple from the
period of the Jewish Kings of Israel, preserved almost in its entirety.
Please wear comfortable shoes, a hat and water. Duration approx. 4.5 hours Arriving in private vehicles.
12:30 pm | Hydro – Pilates- a unique experience allowing your body to exercise while resisting the floating
effects of a salt-water pool.
4:00 pm | Yoga Practice to enhanceinner peace, tranquility and body awareness
6:00-8:30 pm A Delicious Dinner
9:00 pm | Live musical performance
8:00-12:00am | Israeli Breakfast
9:00 am |  River Bay Tour-The Art of Mother Nature - Glimpse the unique bays formed at the bottom of an ancient 
lake bottom, which has now dried up- offering a spectacular view. The river banks are decorated with beautiful
markings which resemble the arabesques of the Eastern world- all made by the hands of Mother Nature, playing with rock layers- natural art at its best.
Please wear comfortable shoes, a hat and water. Duration approx. 3 hours. Arriving in private vehicles. 
12:00 noon | Laughter Workshop- free your mind, loosen up and laugh out loud
2:00 pm | Positive Thinking –each of us has the opportunity to choose the colors that will
direct our outlook of life and lead us to joy, optimism and love. Workshop for your inner-self (in Hebrew)

*Activities and features are subject to changes.