Entry Statement

Regulations on travelling to and from Israel 
The process of entering Israel
Non-Israelis who want to enter Israel will go through several steps along the way:
  1. A PCR test must be performed up to 72 hours before the flight to Israel.
  2. An entry declaration form for Israel must be filled out:
  3. Holders of a verifiable digital certificate - will scan or upload their vaccination or recovery certificate to the incoming passenger form and receive a green pass before boarding the plane.
  4. Those who do not have a verifiable digital certificate - will declare the vaccines they received in the entry declaration form to Israel, and will also fill out a declaration regarding the vaccines administered abroad, to which they will attach the relevant documents, and will receive a green pass before boarding.
  5. When boarding the plane, the following documents must be presented:
  6. Documentation of a negative PCR result in a test that taken up to 72 hours before the flight to Israel.
  7. Confirmation of submission of an entry declaration form.
  8. One of the following documents:
  9. Vaccination certificate attesting to the performance of vaccinations in accordance with the procedure required in Israel.
  10. Digital recovery certificate
  11. Exceptional entry permit from the Ministry of the Interior (exceptions outline, groups).
  12. Random examinations of documents and compliance with the conditions will be carried out by the Population and Immigration Authority at Ben Gurion Airport.
  13. A PCR test must be performed after landing at Ben Gurion Airport and travelers must enter isolation until a negative result is obtained, or for 24 hours, whichever is earlier.
Those vaccinated with Sputnik V - a serological test must be performed at Ben Gurion Airport and travelers must enter isolation until a positive result is obtained (subject to a negative result in the PCR test to be performed after landing).
Tourist must fill out the online form no more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure to Israel https://corona.health.gov.il/en/flights/?utm_source=go.gov.il&utm_medium=referral
Leaving Israel
Pre-departure test
  • If you stayed in Israel more than 72 hours, you must present an Israeli COVID certificate Alternatively, you can present a negative PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time from Israel
  • The PCR test result must be in English, and include the traveler's passport number
  • You can have your PCR test in one of the hospitals that offer private COVID-19 testing or another authorized facility
  • Only PCR tests are accepted, no rapid tests or any other types of tests
  • This guidance applies to all international travelers, regardless of age
Submit the exit statement form
  • You must fill out and submit the online exit statement form no more than 24 hours before your scheduled departure time from Israel
  • You will have to provide your personal information and the personal details of the people traveling with you, and agree not to visit a red destination, unless you have permission from the Exceptions Committee