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March 2017: "Sense"ational Vacations

During a sensational holiday of relaxation and pampering, participate in a variety of colorful and inspiring meetings of the senses. 
Enjoy decadent deserts, the magic of the French, colorful stories and  discover the secrets of distant lands.
Celebrate life in shades of joy, optimism and exploration. Stimulate your sense of sight, sound and smell.
Every weekend - a feast for the senses. Now all you need to do is choose ....

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March 2-4

A Sweet Vacation
Join Mapu restaurants pastry chef Oren Becker Chef workshops,
meet Chef Avi Levy in person and discourse on tastes and flavors
with a lasting flavor of wanting more…

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March 9-11

Cheers! Le’Chaim!

This happy and festive weekend, let’s you get a taste for the world of wine.
Hear fascinating, amusing and moving stories, taste some fine wine
and find the truth in the myths in the word of wine. 

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March 16-18

Bon Appétit 
Through fascinating lectures, we get a glimpse of the secrets
of the art of seduction of Frenchloversand hear a lecture on
French gastronomy outlaws-experimenting with their passion in innovative ways.

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March 23-25


Rediscover and uncover America during a relaxing vacation
during which we take a closer look into the rich cultural myths
and true historical stories of the people in Central America. 

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