Body and Mind Connection inspired by the Dead Sea

October 4-7

Enjoy the beauty and wisdom of nature - 

The holiday magic that connects the mind and body, earth, and water. 

Revel in a trip to the South Sea Dead and walking tour to the Bokek River.

6:00-8:30 pm | A Delicious Dinner
8.00 pm | SPArty | Enjoy our Spa Party offering refreshing cocktails, sweets, 
9.00 pm | Entertainment
8:00-12:00 am |  Israeli Breakfast
9:30 a| Tour of the Dead Sea's Shouthen region - head down south to Mount Sodom,
stopping at the foot of the pillar of salt and hear the renowned tales of Lot's wife.
We will continue to a recent era and observe the path of peace on the Israel-Jordan border.
We will return through the Arava road to the hotel.
Please bring comfortable shoes, Hat and water. The tour are approximately 4 hours. With private vehicles.
12:30: pm | Hydro – Pilates- a unique experience allowing your body to exercise while resisting the floating
effects of a salt-water pool.
4:00 pm | Yoga Practice to enhanceinner peace, tranquility and body awareness
9:00 pm | Live musical performance
8:00-12:00am | Israeli Breakfast
9:00 am |  Walking tour Bokek Rivertour the riverbed, running water all year round.
Get to know the vegetation and archaeological remains along the route and the geography of the Judean Desert,
the Dead Sea and Nahal Bokek - accompanied by a qualified guide, changes according to the weather!
Equip yourself with a hat, water and comfortable shoes that can get wet.

12:00 noon | Laughter Workshop- free your mind, loosen up and laugh out loud
2:00 pm | Positive Thinking –each of us has the opportunity to choose the colors that will
direct our outlook of life and lead us to joy, optimism and love. Workshop for your inner-self (in Hebrew)

*Activities and features are subject to changes.