Body and Mind Connection inspired by the Dead Sea

May 10-12 - The Sound of Healing – the secret of Tibetan bowls

* Avraham Ben Or - Facilitator of workshops, courses and awareness of different processes in holistic medicine,

specializing in healing and spiritual uses of Tibetan bowls.  

4:30 pm | Meeting with Dr. Naama Schwartz with refreshments
5:15 pm | "Tibetan Bowl Concert"  - In this magical concert, the audience will experience the healing melodies of special Tibetan bowls that aim to bring listeners to physical and spiritual tranquility.
A workshop by Avraham Ben Or. Tamar Hall. 

8:30 pm | "Night of Moroccan Baths" - evening in the spa complex with massage tasting, accompanied by tasty treats and live music
8:00-12:00 am | Israeli Breakfast
8:30 am |   "Healing experience in water with Tibetan bowls"   - Workshop by Avraham Ben Or. Saltwater Pool. 
12:30 pm | Hydro – Pilates- a unique experience allowing your body to exercise while resisting the floating effects of a salt-water pool.
4:00 pm | Yoga Practice to enhanceinner peace, tranquility and body awareness
5:00 pm | Colorful Healing | Experiential practice making connections within through the use of color and learn what each color
can tell us about ourselves and our actions.(In Hebrew)
9:00 pm | Live musical performance
8:00-12:00 am | Israeli Breakfast
8:00-12:00 am | "Experimental workshop with Tibetan bowls" -  In this workshop we will learn about a method of treatment originating in an ancient Tibetan scripture based on the frequency of sound. 

*Activities and features are subject to changes.