Sushi Bar Bazel - Restaurant in Tel Aviv

*New* Sushi Bar Bazel | Asian restaurant in Hotel Prima City.

On the lobby floor of the hotel, awaits the acclaimed Sushi Bar Bazel restaurant,

offering an Asian culinary experience featuring a variety of fish dishes, fine meat, vegetable dishes and of course high-quality sushi. 
The restaurant's trendy and spacious dining and bar area offers great food, aromatic cocktails, and boutique Israeli wines.

Prima City Hotel guests enjoy a 15% discount off all food & drinks menus.


The restaurant & bar are open Sunday-Thursday: 6 pm-11:30 pm, on Saturdays – an 1 ½ after sun set – 11:30 pm.

To reserve a table, please contact the restaurant directly at tel: +972-77-9966312

The restaurant is Kosher under the supervision of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate.

Sushi Bar Bazel | Hotel Prima City, 9 Mapu St., Tel Aviv

Sushi Bar Bazel - Photo Gallery